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Investigation continues of Birdman
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The legal case involving former Nuggets center Chris Andersen has yet to be resolved, a Douglas County Sheriff's Sgt. said, but Andersen's attorney went public Thursday, reiterating a claim made in May that his client was duped and then extorted by a woman claiming to be of legal age. The Douglas County investigation involves possible Internet crimes involving a minor.

"What I'd like to communicate is this had nothing to do with children," attorney Mark Bryant told The Denver Post Thursday. "This had to do with an individual who represented herself as legal age and then some, and by the way, is and was at legal age."

Andersen, meanwhile, has been working out in both Denver and in College Station, Texas, as he tries to make a comeback to the NBA. Bryant confirmed that Andersen, 34, could possibly sign a contract with the defending champion Miami Heat. Andersen worked out Tuesday for Heat president Pat Riley, the Miami Herald reported.


"The investigation is still ongoing," Hanavan said. "Detectives are continuing the investigation."

Full article on the Denver Post

Maybe this is why the Heat haven't signed him yet.

Re: Investigation continues of Birdman
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Explains why he hasn't been picked up yet. I feel for him the story seems so fishy

Re: Investigation continues of Birdman
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He still hasn't been arrested right?  If they had anything with the pictures why wasn't he brought up on any charges?  It sounded like the most clear cut extortion case ever to me, I think she even had a fake ID and he still denied her.

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Re: Investigation continues of Birdman
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You would wonder how the investigation could last this long. What has been? 18 months? Longer? Nearing two years? It doesn't sound like it should be that complicated.