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Re: +/- interesting stats so far in the season ( J.Sullinger )
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Unlike others, I do NOT think Sully should start, since these statistics were achieved by him coming off the BENCH.

Sully is our sub for KG at the 5 min mark.  Works out well for us.

In terms of lineups with Sullinger in there, the team is by far most effective when KG and Sully are sharing the floor together.  I think maximizing that makes sense.
I'm not sure about that. If we want our rebounding to avoid cratering we almost certainly want KG or Sullinger on the floor at all times. That's easier to achieve with Sullinger on the bench.

Not only that but Sullinger coming in as a sub makes it easier for Doc to manage match ups that could cause him issues.

I also worry about riding Sullinger for too many minutes, he's showing the potential to be a much better PF for this team than Bass. We don't want to wear him out, I'm thinking of Davis's last year here.

Ah, so now we're worried about wearing a player out :P

But I agree, keep Sully in the bench. Start Wilcox, bench Bass... that would be my main plan, but not going to happen.