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Fair enough, every time AB shoots i cringe. Still, that defense is filthy.
Not sure why you would cringe. His shooting form is pretty sweet. I watch Shawn Marion, Kevin Martin and Joakim Noah take shots and I cringe. I watch Shaq and DH12 and some others take free throws, and I cringe. But Bradley, never. I just wait for them to drop because the form looks extremely good.

He is definitely rusty and not in the type of NBA shape he would like to be at his peak, so his shot is off. But if anything, last year proved when he is comfortable and not injured, his shot and shot efficiency is way above average.

  I thought he was jumping backwards a bit in the first few games, not confident when he was shooting. He seems to be over that. Next step will be the occasional "Jeff Green" type of drive.

Re: Interesting quote i came across...
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AB shot 4/9 last night 44%... 3 of his missed shots were from 3, he was 1-4 from 3 and 3/5 from 2... not that bad.

AB shooting this season in his short time back:

Against NYK he was 6/11 54%

Against ATL he was 3/9 33%

Against IND he was 3/11 27%

Against Mem he was 2/6 33%

While he isn't at his best yet, he is getting better/solid as he plays more games! In his 5 games back he is at a bad 39% overall but his last 2 games he is shooting 50% (and 45% last 3 games)... that's just his 4th and 5th game from playing no real basketball since the second round of the playoffs last season!

His shot is coming around, you guys need to give him a break... at least he is confident enough to take them, that was his problem early last season, he had no confidence so he was missing everything but if you noticed so far this season and the end of last season he isn't hesitating and when he gets a rhythm he makes the shots. He's much like Bass, when they have confidence, they make MOST of their shots (as I said in another thread Bass has been less hesitant on his shots and he's starting to make them again).
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These threads criticizing Doc seem too much like people won't know what they have until it's gone. I mean he is universally considered a top coach with popovich.

The fact that his players would take a bullet for him is good enough for me. Phil Jackson is considered one of the greatest coaches ever and he got embarrassed by Doc in 2008.

Doc was masterful in 2010. If not for injuries he probably has three rings.

He was great for the most part in Orlando where they had no one outside of T-Mac because all their money was invested in Grant Hill.

He's a fantastic coach and a true leader of men, plain and simple.

TP couldnt have said it better myself.

Would we rather have a coach like gentry that calls 20 second time outs with 6 seconds left when the game is already over..........