Author Topic: The Sonics are back. Ballmer-led group buys the Kings to bring back to Seattle.  (Read 7037 times)

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DMC sure looks good in green and white.
wrong shade of green   ;D

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The plan has always been for the franchise to reclaim the Sonics name upon returning to Seattle.

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Love it.
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I think the gravity of trading Pierce is lost on a lot of posters in this thread. He's our leading scorer. Gasol might be able to put up similar numbers but not in the same ways. Pierce is truly a unique talent and I really think moving him for Gasol is a lateral move, much as I like Gasol as a player.

I'd way rather move Bass/Green/Lee for Gasol than move the captain. I know it's a lot of youth and future going away for a guy on his last legs but this team is in win-now mode and Pierce is a lot of the reason this team wins at all.

I'd probably rather make a play for Millsap or Smith than trade Pierce at this point. We need someone willing to play in the post. Sully has been amazing but we need another post presence.