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Re: Celtics (16-17) at Knicks (23-10) 1/7
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The sad thing with this whole dust-up with Melo and KG is that these two will probably be teammates/starters on the All-Star team.

I'd hate for a cloud to be hanging over them. I'm tired of Kobe and the West winning the All-Star Game over the last few yrs.

We already have LeBron and probably Wade and the rivalry toss in Melo.

I think that a lineup of KG-LeBron-Melo-Wade-Rondo could beat the West, but now add this Melo-KG mess and Chemistry could go out the door very quick.
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Re: Celtics (16-17) at Knicks (23-10) 1/7
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That's a pretty classy response by Smith. Count me impressed.

Smith was the most mature knicks player on the court. I was dumbfounded.

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