Author Topic: Knicks looking at Kenyon Martin who's willing to accept 10 day contract  (Read 552 times)

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Wow was his attitude and has his play dropped that bad :o

Rasheed Wallace — at age 38 and having taken a season off from the NBA — really brought the Knicks something off the bench. Yes, there was 7.2 points a game and the threat of a big who can shoot to space the floor. But more importantly, he brought some size on defense in the paint while Tyson Chandler rested that helped.

Until ‘Sheed got injured. A foot injury has had him out for the last dozen games.

Now the Knicks are looking to get a little of what Wallace brought back may do that with Kenyon Martin, reports Marc Spears at Yahoo Sports.

Martin has been open-minded about the possibility of accepting a 10-day contract to get the opportunity to prove his value to the Knicks, sources said.

Martin is a former teammate of Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby and J.R. Smith, so there should be an easy transition in the locker room. Last summer Martin wanted more than a minimum deal for this season but that was all he was offered, so he has been sitting out. He has said in the past months he would take a minimum deal and now it appears even a 10-day contract.

Spears says the key is the Knicks trying to get a feel for Wallace’s return. Which is a little hazy right now.
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Re: Knicks looking at Kenyon Martin who's willing to accept 10 day contract
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Attention KMart shoppers.  I am now so desperate to get back in the league that I'm willing to accept a 10 day contract.

Pathetic.  If KMart wasn't such a ****bag when had some value to NBA teams, he wouldn't be sitting on the outside looking for scraps. 


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