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Re: Rondo Suspended 1 Game
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The report is that the suspension isn't because of the bump.

It's because of Rondos lack of cooperation in the follow up investigation of the bump.

Even if it was for the bump, I don't have an issue with it.  He has a previous track record and it was clearly intentional. 

This is 100% on Rondo.  Do not blame the league.  It's not the NBA's fault Rondo is an immature punk.

So much for being our leader.  *rolls eyes*
The suspension was quite clearly about the bump: "making contact with an official and failure to cooperate with the investigation".

No idea what they asked him though. Players make contact with officials in a non-confrontational manner all the time when they're discussing calls. This is just plain ridiculousness.
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Re: Rondo Suspended 1 Game
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He will NEVER be a leader until he grows up.