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Trade Idea With Lakers???
« on: January 06, 2013, 03:53:57 PM »

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They desperately need a back-up 2 Guard. Jodie Meeks is not helping. We have a few of them.

Trade Barbosa for Sacre & throw in a 2nd in like 2016 or something. Barbosa was said to have interest in the Lakers before us & before the season started. I think if he could do it all over he would've went there. Doc is not the Coach for Barbosa, Dan Toni is now that he's coaching over there instead of Mike Brown.

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Re: Trade Idea With Lakers???
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Meeks is averaging over 20 minutes a game and hitting over 35% from three the past month.

He is doing what they need.

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Re: Trade Idea With Lakers???
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I will offer Gre and Lee for DW12

Re: Trade Idea With Lakers???
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Not sure I want Sacre. Maybe for Earl Clark? I think Barbosa is pure insurance for us. Then again 3rd stringers always are. Sacre seems a lot like what we have in Collins and I assume that if he was showing promise LA would play him. I'd make a move for Clark though. Call it a hunch but he will be a good player and he's only 24.