Author Topic: How do you get Tommy Points?  (Read 2414 times)

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Re: How do you get Tommy Points?
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Re: How do you get Tommy Points?
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Re: How do you get Tommy Points?
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As in is there a rating or voting system where people can vote you up?

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Re: How do you get Tommy Points?
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People give them to you. When you post something that people like and/or agree with, they reward you with one.

You can join fantasy games around the site where people give TP's as prizes or rewards.

Speaking of which, if we are doing it this year, join the CB draft, it's really fun.

Although, I bought mine as well.
PAPOUG, (Pick A Player Over/Undar Game), PAPTYG, (Total Yards), and PAPTBG, (Total Bases), are a blast as well ... PAPTYG is in playoff stage, so it's too late to join this year, but PAPOUG is ongoing and we'd love to have you, (PAPTBG, the baseball version will be starting with the MLB season as well). Here's another!

I havent been able to figure out how the games work...Guess I havent really looked at the threads too much to be honest! I wanna give them a shot.
Just pick a player each night that you think will score the most over his average, (as long as no one else has already picked him) ... there are links to player profiles, averages, etc., (on my daily results post), but you don't really need even that, as I check the averages each night anyway. You can make your pick at midnight for the next day. There are some other little rules tweaks, but we'll help you out with that as you go ... we're a pretty easy-going bunch, and it's all just for fun and TPs anyway. :)
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