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I think us getting Cousins depends on 1 of 2 things:

1. Sac gives up Tyreke and Cousins for Rondo + something that isn't Bradley, and either it really clicks with Bradley being the defense for Tyreke's score first PG tactics and boston thrives with PP and Tyreke being the scorers/creators and KG/Bradley the defense, and Cousins the rebounder/benefiting from no double teams/better spacing. Or, Tyreke is flipped to a 3rd team that can give up more of a pure PG and wants to take a risk on Tyreke's potential to be a star. This could include Phoenix (Dragic), Toronto (Lowry), Atlanta (Teauge plus something), Milwaukee (Jennings).

2. Sac really likes our youngs, and we are willing to give up Bradley, Sully, and a First for Cousins.

The more I think about it, the more I think it is probably going to be option #1. I think most people would be 'okay' with #2 - although it would be a bummer to give up both of our top assets, we get a very high potential center with every opportunity to grow and succeed with KG.

With #1, we get that same high potential center and get a player that Danny has always wanted and seems to fit quite well with Bradley [but you're right, he could be flipped for a Lowry type]. We also get to maintain our top young players. I hate to lose Rondo, but if the season continues to go south, Danny will look at ALL options.