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ATL trade: Josh Smith, Devin Harris, Kyle Korver
BOS trade: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Fab Melo, Courtney Lee
MEM trade: Rudy Gay, Marreese Speights, Jerryd Bayless

ATL get: Rudy Gay, Brandon Bass, Fab Melo, Courtney Lee
BOS get: Josh Smith, Marreese Speights, Jerryd Bayless
MEM get: Jeff Green, Devin Harris, Kyle Korver

if needed add picks...

salaries work...

Why for ATL: Josh Smith still hasn't signed a contract, they got cap space plus they get pieces like Bass who can be their 6th man, Lee as a replacement for Korver and Fab Melo as a talented young prospect. Rudy Gay + Al Horford is a good young core.

Why for BOS: Josh Smith like to play for Celtics and it would be better fit for us than Gay. It may seem like we are giving up a lot but we will still have depth with Terry, Sullinger, Wilcox, Barbosa, Speights, Bayless. What's more important we keep Sullinger and Bradley but still givving up Green,Bass,Lee,Melo

Why for MEM: They save money. They get Jeff Green on a 8.5m deal for a starter and Korver and Harris expiring contracts. They get rid of all 3 guys that were mentioned in the article. Gay,Speights,Bayless. Only problem is they save only 2mil with this trade and not the 4mil they need  :-\ but i'm not a GM they can make it better, but still i think this is possible and make sense.

Please comment and give suggestions...

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  • We may as well put Tyrion in at center.
One of the better trades I've seen. TP.

I would recommend to send either Speights or Bayless to Atlanta for the extra topping on the cake. They're good prospects that can sweeten the deal for Atlanta. Josh Smith is having a great season so far, but Gay/Bass/Lee/Melo/Speights would be a very tough offer to refuse. 
I like Marcus Smart

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memphis laughs on the phone.

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Its okay, but makes us light on the SF (no back up for PP) and REALLY small at the SG.

If your going to trade Green away you need to bring in a SF back in the trade.

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Why Memphis does this is beyond me. Kills their bench which is already lacking from court depth.
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