What will Danny Ainge do before the 2013 trade deadline?

Nothing let Doc try to figure it out.
3 (7.9%)
Major blow up! Trade away Rondo, Pierce, or KG
4 (10.5%)
Minor blow up! Trade away AB, Green, Sully, or Terry
15 (39.5%)
Minor trade. Trade away a non core rotational player for another rotational player.
11 (28.9%)
Wait for vets to get bought out and hope to find a big that way.
5 (13.2%)

Total Members Voted: 38

Voting closed: January 11, 2013, 12:15:18 PM

Author Topic: What do you think Danny will actualy do?  (Read 4396 times)

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Re: What do you think Danny will actualy do?
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I hate to say it, but I really could see Sully getting traded.  His value has to be growing by the day at this point.  He looks healthy and so far seems to be able to handle a lot of what the NBA throws at him.

I could see Sully and Lee getting packaged for a big.  Anyone else added would of course depend on the salary coming back.  I don't want to trade Bass or Green because I feel if we do that we are going to have to take a really crappy contract back and I don't want ANY of those.

I believe Avery Bradley should be untouchable unless we get an All-Star in return.

So, yeah:  I could see a minor "blow-up" trade involving Sully, Lee, Melo, picks, and maybe Bass or Green.

Re: What do you think Danny will actualy do?
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Danny is doing nothing...

Re: What do you think Danny will actualy do?
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Gotta agree with Chris here. I think it is abundantly clear there were players signed this off season that are just not working out and that it will be those players Danny shops in a "minor blowout" to fill holes in this team.

I would expect Green, Terry, Bass, Lee and Barbosa to be shopped and Melo, Joseph and picks to be filler if necessary to bring in the right deal.

Who Danny gets is really beyond me at this time. I think Phoenix seems like a good trade partner as does Milwaukee and Sacramento and possibly Cleveland and Washington

I voted for a minor trade, and agree with much of what Nick and Chris said.

I confess to liking a potential future lineup featuring Rondo, Bradley, Sully, and Melo, so I'm hoping that we can somehow keep all those guys, but I agree that Bass and Lee are totally expendable, and I'm fine with giving up any number of draft picks, first and second rounds. And if the price of a title this season is Bradley, Melo, and/or Sully, I think I can live with that.

IMHO, a potential future lineup including Rondo, Bradley, Sully and Melo would mean a lottery team or low playoff seed. You have only one star in the lineup and while the other three are really young, I don't think any of them are going to be NBA stars. These are four guys I would like to have on the team, but you need two more stars for with whom these guys would play if you want to have a successful team.

Re: What do you think Danny will actualy do?
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Minor trade = I don't think the C's have the assets to swing a major deal.