Author Topic: Realistic Trade Idea for the day - Cavs/Minn/Boston (No we dont get Love or AV)  (Read 8597 times)

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  • We may as well put Tyrion in at center.
Pekovic is a great center and he'd help us out a lot if we got him. I would be ecstatic if the Celtics traded for him. He's a great finisher, a good defender, and will give you the "Perk" mean interior defense factor. (Perk-Pek...get it?  ;D)

That being said, Cousins is already the better player and has the potential to be so much better. He's the better offensive talent and the better defensive player. He'd help the Celtics out more than Pek, I would think. Then take into account his potential.

And from what I recall, Paul Westphal, the Kings coach who had a winning percentage of .298, was fired right after he claimed that Cousins wanted a trade.

I like Marcus Smart

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Minny out: Williams, Pekovic, Ridnour, First Round
Minny in: Varejo, Bass, First Round Cavs

Cavs Out: Varejo, First Round Pick
Cavs In: D Williams, C Lee, First Round pick Wolves, First Round from C's

Boston Out: Bass, Lee First Round
Boston in: Pekovic, Ridnour Second Round from Cavs

It feels like Minnesota doesn't need Boston. That they could just cut them out of the trade and keep Pekovic and land Varejao anyway.

Derrick Williams being the main attraction. Plus giving up a first.

Edit: By the way, I think is a very good trade idea for Minnesota to pursue. Varejao would be a huge addition to their frontline. A Pekovic, K-Love and Varejao three player big man rotation would be fearsome. Still have Kirilenko and C.Budinger at the three. Rubio, Shved, Ridnour and Barea in the backcourt. That team could make some noise in the playoffs.
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Apparently, according to Adelman, Pekovic has a good jump shot out to about 17 feet and is a very good passer out of the high post too. Only Adelman can't get him to play there. Pekovic keeps going into the paint. Wants to beat people up down there. Believes that is where a center should be.

I'd love to see Pekovic use those elements of his game offensively. It would make a huge difference to vary his game a little bit.