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Re: Grizzlies (19-9) at Celtics (14-16) 1/2
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I think Doc needs to go back to Bass starting, give us the same lineup as last season that was so great. Sully should be the first big off the bench. I think Collins has done all he is capable of... too bad it's not much/enough.

I think the problem here is that last season Bass helped stretch the defense with his  midrange game, which was one of the best in the league.

This season Bass has struggled (shooting just 43% from midrange) and his confidence has clearly been affected by that, because he is drastically hessitant to shoot when he gets the ball.

Several times today Bass caught the ball in a situation where last year he would have shot it without a thought - but today he held the ball, looked up as if he considered shooting it, then passed it.  Often this was late in the shot clock, and after the pass there was not enough time for anybody else to get a good look. 

Unselish is great, but Bass' hessitation to shoot this season is bad to the point where it's hurting the team.

He has been more willing to drive which is nice, but still not doing it often enough to offset his fear of the jump shot.

I do agree that putting Sully in the starting lineup is  a good idea.

I also agree that Terry + Lee + Green on the bench is a fantastic combination, and I thought our bench often looked better then our starters today.  This is all made possible by the return of Avery Bradley (sending Terry back to the 6th man role) and I think this is the one of the underrated benefits of Bradley's return.