At what point will changes occur??

If we lose the next three to IND, ATL, NYN which will be 7 straight loses
6 (16.7%)
By trade deadline Feb 21, 2013
23 (63.9%)
Regardless of season outcome, no changes until offseason
3 (8.3%)
Stick it out with this group for the next few years
4 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 36

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Re: At this rate at what point will changes occur??
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Also Green is >> than Wilson Chandler? Really?
Look at their career stats, and its almost identical. I actually like Chandler's mid range game better. Better dribbler also. But other than that, almost the same player, with similar size and athleticism.
I think W.Chandler and J.Green are very similar talent wise.

I'd give W.Chandler the edge because his defense and rebounding are far more consistent than J.Green's defense/rebounding. Until J.Green starts putting more effort in on that end of the court, he is the inferior player to Wilson Chandler. But J.Green could match W.Chandler if J.Green actually bothered to put in the work as a defender/rebounder.

Re: At this rate at what point will changes occur??
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I think Scal has good coaching potential. I think he'll be a head coach in the NBA someday and very likely to be a good one.

I am not dumping Doc to take a chance on Scal though. Doc is a high level coach.

I'm sorry Who, but Doc is definitely not a high level coach. He is avg to just above average. Greg Popovich is high level.

Greg Popovich has developed more no name players/assistant coaches in this league than any coach that i've seen before. He doesn't take crap and will bench you, it doesn't matter if your duncan. I don't think SA has been through a losing streak greater than 3 games since he has been their coach.

Doc on the other hand, lets the big three manage the game. Never holds guys like Pierce accountable , for jacking up endless amount of crap shots these years. Doesn't know how to develop players. How many have been drafted and left our team in the last 4 years?? And are no longer even in the nba??
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Re: At this rate at what point will changes occur??
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(1) No way am I trading Rondo for Horford and Teague. Rondo is a much better piece to build around than Horford.

(2) I would rather look for cap flexibility for Pierce than take W.Chandler's multi-year contract + C.Brewer and T.Mozgov.

(3) I do like Mozgov. With strong coaching and player development, Mozgov could be a steal. A lot of upside to that guy. Needs regular minutes and strong coaching though.

(4) I wouldn't compare Corey Brewer to Courtney Lee because C.Brewer is a far superior possession creator. He uses those long arms so well. So active. He can rebound the ball well and he can force turnovers at an elite level. His superior size and length also makes him a much better man-to-man defender. Gives him more range defensively too. A more gifted player than C.Lee.

(5) I don't rate Tyler Hansbrough highly. He is too small and too limited as a defender/rebounder to be worth starter's minutes. I do like him as a backup PF though and think he should be regain his performance level from earlier in his career. He should be a 10-15 year pro in the NBA. Very smart reserve PF. Limited talent/upside.

(6) I really like Doc Rivers. I'd really loathe to let him go. Doc is part of the solution long term. Not the problem.

(7) Cap flexibility and a first would be a nice trade for Jeff Green if rebuilding. He may end up having more value letting him start and play 35mpg alongside Rondo with nobody else around to take shots from him though (say 16-18ppg, 5-6rpg). They could keep him for a year and maybe get a much better trade value in return then.