Author Topic: When KG is on the bench, the Celtics are the worse defensive team in the NBA  (Read 493 times)

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Great article written by Mike over at celtics life. I knew it was bad when KG sits but even I didn't know it was this bad...
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I saw it in preseason and unless KG suddenly got 12 years of youth back and could play 40 minutes , it wouldn't looking good.

Bass is horrible ..he never is in the right place ....his IQ is just too low.

I just not convinced some of the players  "KNOW" how to play like Doc wants them too. 

This defense has to be bad, I'm a nobody , but I can tell they are not moving to their spots and helping right.

Just aweful...

These guys look as bad as OLD KNICKS teams of past years.

SOmewhere , somebody is NOT coaching. :(

TEams are cutting us apart like soft butter.


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