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a different Buck - Celtics trade (idea)
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:34:55 AM »

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This is a little diferent from other bucks - Cs trades that have been suggested.

Jeff Green + Brandon Bass + Barbosa


Drew Gooden + Mike Dunleavy + Ekpe Udoh

( best case we also get Tobias Harris but dont see that)

I know this isnt a sexy trade but I would help this team.

Dunleavy is playing better then Green, he is older at 32 but is also in the last year of his deal. He is also a capable offensive facilitator which would be helpful when rondo is off the court. He can essentially play point forward with AB + Terry or Terry + Lee on the court with him.

Gooden is historically better then Bass, he is also old but has one less year on his deal. He also is bigger then bass and a better rebounder.

Udoh is still young (25) athletic and a shot blocker. He would be the best shot blocker on the Cs. He is mobile and long enough to play either the 4 or the 5.

The celtics big man rotation could then become KG 30min, Sully 22 min, Udoh 22min, and Gooden 22. Or give the latter 3 each 20 and still leave collins with 6 min. This is a much much better rebounding group.

The Bucks may do this if they view Green as a starting SF. Jennins, Ellis, Green, Moute, and sanders looks like a good running team. Bass and Henson become there bigs off the bench. Barbosa is a nice fit as a back up in there super fast paced style. With Henson on the bench Edoh is redundant on there bench. The obvious issues with this trade are 1. Do they value Green as the best player in this trade? 2. Can they stomach Bass's deal?
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Re: a different Buck - Celtics trade (idea)
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I'm for it. Tp.
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Re: a different Buck - Celtics trade (idea)
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The Bucks may do this if they view Green as a starting SF.

I think any trade ideas using Green should involve the assumption that the other team values Green about as much as the poster proposing the trade does.
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