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Really starting to sink
« on: January 03, 2013, 12:29:25 AM »

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We have lost four straight, have gone two and eight in the last ten. We are completely rudderless.

Additionally, we play Indiana, Atlanta, New York, Phoenix and finally Houston in the next five. There is a real possibility we could go one and four in the next five.

We are not just losing, we are getting thrashed.

I simply do not see how we turn this around. Last year we had trouble because of being woefully out of shape after the lock out. Now we look heartless, listless and without an identity. I do not see it getting much better.

I am beginning to hope that if we are going to not win the title, I would rather really crater than just squeak into the playoffs and get knocked out. We need a top ten draft pick more than a first or second round playoff exit.

This team has be very frustrated and bewildered.

Re: Really starting to sink
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9th seed now lol.