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Re: Celts,Sac, Mil trade idea (based on rumors)
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SAC trades their 3 best players -- one of whom (Cousins) they've made it clear they don't want to trade -- for lesser players, including the worst contract in the deal.

It's been reported that SAC absolutely positively will not take on salary while they try to sell the team, and you have them taking two role players with expensive 4 year deals. Furthermore, you have them throwing in Fredette 'to make the numbers work' when he's one of their top assets.

I like a (well thought out) trade idea as much as the next guy, but i mean.... come on.

Hey that is a fair post. I'm not on you for panning the trade I'm on you for slinging mud from the cheap seats. I agree it probably isn't the most realistic trade but what is it Roy always says...Dwight Howard was traded for Vucevic, Afflalo, Harkless and some picks. We have picks! Sully can be Vucevic and Lee can be Afflalo. Let's get us a big guy!

It is starting to look like Orlando got a steal.