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Poor rebounding and no defense is exactly what we don't need from our center.

This doesn't help us.

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Let me get this straight, we are already horrendous defensively (believe it or not Bass has been statistically one of our best)... you guys want us to bring in another inept defensive player. BUT wait, KG will cover for him... HOW, KG is already covering for a number of others, he is ONE man! If a trade isn't bringing in a defender then I think it's a waste, no matter how good they are on offense! We got a billion people who can provide plenty on offense (but you see what Doc has done to them w/ his system that Ray bolted b/c of), Bargs will come here and be a shell of his former self here! You want him to come here and pass up WIDE OPEN shots too? You need Doc to remind him he is a shooter?? You want him to sometimes take ONE shot a game (JET) after being a great scorer b4 getting here?? Come on people, don't look for offensive players, we don't need them!! DEFENSE PLEASE (or someone solid on offense but a better defender)!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bargnani? No thanks

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Take the advice of a real canadian, Bargs is not for this team, especially as:
- the Celts are (1 of???)the worst team at rebounding
- Bargs is (1 of???)the worst 7footer in history for rebounding
- Bass is (1 of???) the best offensive rebounders on the team, just needs to pick up his game #Post-Multi-yearcontractProblems >:(
- Aaron Gray is a pile of trash compared to the Great Jason "the Messiah" Collins
Jameer an elite PG?Please, ask that to his garbage highlights.