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Re: Celtics (14-15) at Kings (10-19) 12/30
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I think you have to have a shot blocker to make it work. Neither Bass nor Sully can protect the rim. The defense worked with:

and even KG

at center. It was great when KG was paired with another rim protector. I remember times, last year, when the defense was great with KG and Steamer on the court together.

This I agree with. Even as bad as JO was on offense. He was a willing participant on the defensive end. He gave no quarter and took no quarter. How can Bass be so much worse on defense this year than last? It can only be the effort he is putting out there unless he is hurt. If Bass and Sully are really that slow or unintelligent to at least get in position to give a hard foul in the lane they they shouldn't play. That goes for everybody at this point.
For the most part, I think Bass is just more exposed defensively this year than last year.

The defense hasn't been up to par elsewhere. The perimeter defense is allowing a lot more penetration than they did a year before + many of the big man combos Bass is in have been inadequate defensive combinations.

Consequently, Bass has been much more exposed defensively than he was last season. He was always a poor defender. Now he is just being placed in more negative situations so I think it is standing out more than before.

Re: Celtics (14-15) at Kings (10-19) 12/30
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14 players rebounded better than collins

Re: Celtics (14-15) at Kings (10-19) 12/30
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Doc just said it is effort and guys not competing. A lot of soft guys imo
This is what I think the issue is to me too. That's why I miss some of the players who either left or were traded like Tony and Perk because at least they gave some toughness and effort.
This team lost its swagger and toughness and now look soft like cotton.

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I actually see players trying and putting in the effort....we just aren't that good!

Our talent and skills aren't that good.

And the way each of the pieces are in place on the court, they do not work well with each other!!!!

Doc has tried to find different lineups, but nothing seems to work well unless KG is apart of said lineup.

But KG is playing on a leash.

Maybe if we just let KG's leash go, we might be the best team in the NBA?

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Doc is actually being semi-honest in the presser. He is talking about not playing hard and needing to find guys who are willing to do the job. Proof will be in the pudding.

I think the players have been plauin hard.  I just think doc is makin things too complicated

Tell me you are kidding. These defensive rotations aren't rocket science. It is a commitment to making the rotations that seems to be the problem. I just watched some of the highlights. They need to stop getting beat off the dribble. They need to defend the pick and roll better. Lastly, when someone gets to the basket, they need to pay for it physically. That is what Perk and Stiesma did. We have precious few players right now that are willing to make those commitments.

The former high school players I used to coach could make the rotations at their level, there is no reason the pros cant learn to make them. It is effort and that is all.

Well then the solution is either Doc adjusts or Danny adjusts.  We're 30 games in and they're not gettin it so Doc needs to change his philosophy or Danny needs to change this roster to acquire guys that are gonna do what they are supposed to do.

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This team seems to think wins will come easy.   Playing hard for a few minutes here and there isn't going to cut it. Lack of Intensity.

IF the players are not willing to fight and scrape for the ball every play for 4 quarters , then we need some NEW players.

The Celtics have TOO many role players , TWO aged stars, and low intensity ( to play defense).

These problems = the results we have been seeing