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Re: Django Unchained (Movie)
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Best part of the movie, (Spoilers obviously)

Re: Django Unchained (Movie)
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I loved it!


When Samuel L. started hollering when Leo was killed, I almost fell over (and he got a M'F in too hahaha)!! Omg, when they couldn't see through the KKK pillow covers, DEAD... too funny!! Oh they shot a horse, I love horses... God help me, I couldn't help but laugh!

Great job by all involved... I didn't mind the length at all! I also loved the ending... I couldn't wait for Samuel L. to get his!!!! I was thinking the whole time that I hope he doesn't just shoot him once and kill him... haha, he didn't, oh he deserved every bit of that!!!

Yea, again, LOVED IT!!!

Do you watch boondock saints? Sam's character reminded me of uncle Rebus sooo hard.

No, I haven't, I think it's they're on Netflix, I'll have to get around to it one day and see.
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