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Re: Demarcus Cousins? (Trade Idea)
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Sheridan Hoops thinks it could get done for Melo, Bradley, Sullinger:

Tempting to combine this with the Tyreke rumor for a blockbuster.

These players would be an interesting acquisition for C's if all else fails. Seriously, I want to win championships not develop the next great team - this is supposed to be a great team already. I'd rather see Bradley in OUR starting lineup and try to acquire a veteran big man to keep the team afloat while KG sits. Future 1st & Melo for whatever it gets us would be nice, but I'd like to keep Sully & Bradley here. I believe both can become quality starters, potentially more.

I'd do two first rounders instead of Bradley. I think that's a fair offer.
At the rate we're going, those first rounders could be lotto picks.  I don't think you could trade Bradley straight-up for a single lotto pick at this point.