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bballbreakdown on Houston @ New York
« on: December 21, 2012, 08:45:50 AM »

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New bballbreakdown. As someone with little knowledge on organized basketball, I learned a few things...some that pertain to our C's.

First thing: he says no offensive rebounding is fine - as long as there is transition defense. And it's true. Looking back at the few games we've been so atrocious in, the Spurs and the Rockets have been aggressively attacking in transition...hence the suckage.

Second thing: is it not possible to run something like the Rockets do? Pick and rolls...for Rondo, Terry and even CLee? When you have Rondo and the Jet constantly running pick and rolls, is that not threatening enough?

It seems the Rockets are doing it an awful lot in the video. Would make the "attack to the basket" mentality a lot stronger and simpler.

Third: As many of you have pointed out, what the Knicks have been doing will not last it seems. Good. Rockets possibly up and coming, cool.