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Re: NBA's top trade canidates per yahoo sports (Mozgov trade idea)
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No real surprises here. Most have been reported -- only one we haven't seen is Henderson, who would be redundant on the Cs.

The target (on this list, anyway) should be Evans. Per Spears, money continues to be an issue for them, so we'd have to take something off their hands financially to entice them to give him up.

I'd take Salmons to get him. You could trade Green, Lee and pick / cash for Evans and Salmons. It makes some sense from both a basketball and financial POV for SAC, though they might prefer to get a "young prospect" for him...

I'd also take a risk on Tyreke Evans - as I said in a previous thread, I think he and Rondo can learn to coexist in the same backcourt. Not clue what it'd take to get him though.

Just wanted to follow up with a quote today from Chad Ford on the question of whether the Kings should trade Evans:

"Ford: Strongly Agree. They should've never drafted him. At the time GM Geoff Petrie was trying to save his job and wanted a guy who could come in and play right away. A few years later, it's pretty clear that Evans peaked in his rookie year. The Kings are a mess and Evans' style of play doesn't help things, and, again, his stock is so low, I'm not sure what the value will be. One team to watch is the Celtics -- Danny Ainge loved him before the draft. I'm not sure Boston has the assets to get a deal done, but I could see them trying to make something happen."

Maybe I'm overestimating what it'd take to get Evans -- They may simply want addition by subtraction there.

Evans for Green at the core could make sense, but without Salmons.

Evans & Garcia for Green, Melo & Collins works.

Just read this. And am currently thinking of reasonable and realistic trades that would bring him to Boston. Jason Terry is the perfect two guard to play next to Evans as a PG.

At first i didn't think Evans and Rondo could really play together. Then the more I thought about it I decided I think they could.

Evans excels in isolation. Pierce used to play a lot of isolation with Rondo. If Evans became the main isolation threat for the Celtics and Pierce became more of the floor spacer like Ray Allen was then I think it might work. Pierce is kind of adapting his offense in this way anyways (shooting more threes and coming off screens more then ever).

On the break Evans runs the floor as the cutter and Pierce the trailer. Evans can't shoot threes, so he would have to be able to create with the mid-range when he doesn't have the ball.

I'm not as optimistic about fit as the above. Trying to plug Evans in would be a highly risky move. But Ainge may decide he has to take some chances to increase the likelihood of #18 with the current core.
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