Author Topic: So who is kinda freaked out by the whole North Korea thing?  (Read 8008 times)

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Re: So who is kinda freaked out by the whole North Korea thing?
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the US and SK could turn NK into a parking lot within a day. NK has no viable defense against the US right now. the US has over 20,000 soldiers on NK border. SK is twice as big and many times richer. NK has no reliable allies. and the US has a record of invading nations it doesnt the US currently has dozens of nukes aimed at NK.

The chances of the U.S. invading North Korea without all-out war being declared is pretty much zero, in my opinion. 

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Re: So who is kinda freaked out by the whole North Korea thing?
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They have a huge army but it is antiquated and armed with stuff 20-30 years old.   We have a huge tech advantage but they have the edge in manpower.   Assuming no one backs them like Russia or China I think we could best them in six months or less.

We would control the air, and air control we could support our troops against their larger numbers.   We have stuff that can kill large bodies of ground troops like MLRS in hordes.  You see, we tend to fight the last war, in our current wars.  We are well prepared to deal with mass communist troops from WW2 and the Cold War these days which is what I guess we'd be facing in this war.  As I said elsewhere it would be hard going for the 8th Army for a bit but eventually I think our tech our whittle down their men.

No one wants this to happen.  I don't think North Korea wants it but he is posturizing at our expense.  Hopefully, some one in North Korea realize what a crack pot he is and takes him out.  Their morale cannot be high.   They are a starving country hammered by sanctions with a conscript force.  Usually these troops abandon in masse once conflicts start once combat begins, I am sure their leaders would shoot their own men in this case just like the Soviets in WW2.

I hope they launch a missle and we blow it out of the sky and call their bluff.   I don't think he wants to attack us ( it would only end in his demise) and this would shut him up.