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Re: Celtics (12-10) at Spurs (18-6) 12/15
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It's deceiving because we completely ignore the offensive boards.  This seems to actually hurt us because it's not like we're playing good transition defense even when we send all 5 guys back.  It's been happening all season and it needs to be fixed.

I think this hits the nail on the head.  in previous years, not crashing the O boards was frustrating but the D would be set and there'd be no fastbreak buckets by the other team.  This year is completely different in that regard.  The team seems to go for more O boards but when it doesn't so they can get back on D, they still get burned on fastbreak buckets

Re: Celtics (12-10) at Spurs (18-6) 12/15
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When is Doc going to get some criticism for how much the Celtics are underperforming?  Maybe they're not contenders, absolutely they're not contenders right now but they should be better than skimming .500.  I don't think he's made any adjustments in three or four years.  The offensive sets are exactly the same and he can't rein in Rondo to actually move the ball ahead and around.  He always moans about a lack of ball movement.  Well, he's the coach, can't he figure it out and demand it of Rondo? 

How he uses Terry epitomizes how little coaching he does and how much Rondo will not adjust to a new teammate.  The guy slotted him directly into Ray Allen's plays.  It's absurd.  Instead of letting Terry handle the ball more and basically do what he's done for most of his career within the framework of great teams, he just replaced an outgoing Ray exactly.  The bottom third ranked offense Terry was coming into needed no altering at all.  Total sense.

you nailed it. TP

Re: Celtics (12-10) at Spurs (18-6) 12/15
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Can somebody explain to me why sully played 11 mins tonight? And yet he still lead the team in rebounds, pathetic.

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the lack of whistles didn't help tonight at all. we did attack the rim, got hit hard, but got called for very few fouls. that doesn't excuse some of the rotation issues on defense, but it didn't help any. also...FTs let you set your defense, too. not surprised doc was pretty angry about the FT story. it was an issue, and not because we didn't attack.