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Re: Modest Mid-Season Trade Target: Elton Brand
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That was the entire point of the thread -- we should be looking for guys who can make a difference without requiring us to give up major assets and shake up the roster too much.

Then the profile you should be looking for is a useful role player who is not perceived as a starter in the NBA.  Probably a veteran who lost his starting job to a younger player on a mediocre or bad team that needs a warm body at SG due to injuries.
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Re: Modest Mid-Season Trade Target: Elton Brand
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Brand would be an incredible addition for us but I would only look into him as a last minute move because of his age and decreasing athleticism. Brand is averaging 6 and 6 in twenty minutes a game for the Mavs. That would be perfect for us. Garnett and Brand would provide a stellar defensive front court (although somewhat old and slower).

Brand played very well in the postseason last year and is a perfect role player to compliment our system.

My first move would be to inquire about the near all star big men if we could add any. If we could get Brand without selling the farm its a no brainer. He signed with the Mavs for a reason thought. I dont think theyll be shipping him out anytime soon.


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