So, who do you think will keep on winning?

New York Knicks
12 (30%)
Brooklyn Nets
13 (32.5%)
Atlanta Hawks
4 (10%)
Golden State Warriors
5 (12.5%)
6 (15%)

Total Members Voted: 24

Author Topic: Poll: Early surprises. Teams with the best chance to keep on winning? No Fluke.  (Read 553 times)

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This has been a season full of surprises.  Lakers are loosing, Cs are stuck in mud, Knicks undefeated at home....

Teams like the Spurs, Chicago, Memphis are as steady as usual.  But some others, basically came out of nowhere and are stealing the show.

So, who do you think will keep on winning?

I am thinking NYK and ATL

PS.  You can vote for two teams.

Online Who

  • James Naismith
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I have no confidence in Atlanta. I think they'll plummet back down the standings.

Online Who

  • James Naismith
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I expected both New York and Brooklyn to be 50-55 win teams this year so I am surprised at their early season success. I had New York 3rd best and Brooklyn 4th best in the East to begin the season. So I'd expect both teams to finish in the top four and have very good years.

I am surprised at Golden State's W-L record. I've seen them a couple of times this year and they have looked like a .500 team on each occasion.

That said, if Bogut was playing at a high level, the Warriors W-L record wouldn't surprise me. I would expect them to be a 50-55 win team too with Bogut's strong interior defense and rebounding. So if Bogut can get it together, I think Golden State can sustain this ... but if Bogut continues to disappoint, then I'd expect GSW to fall back as the season goes on.

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the Knicks are good, and I think they will make it to 2nd round this year. They started out the season very well, but I believe they're riding a hot streak. I think that streak will end soon and I can see the Heat take back the #1 seed and the Celtics will regain the Atlantic division after the All-Star break or at LEAST, AT LEAST 2nd place in the division.

Our offense is taking shape and defense is finally coming together...I give it another 10-15 games (including the return of Bradley) for us to really show the entire league that we are a force to recon with. Much like last year, our team will peak come all-star break.

Our biggest focus is getting to the playoffs but winning streaks are meaningless comes playoff time.

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Aren't the Bulls supposed to be going nowhere without Rose? Shouldn't be in the same group as the Grizzlies and the Spurs.

I hate to not play by the rules but how about them Lakers? Everyone keeps calling them a playoff team but, man, would it be hilarious if they don't even make it.