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Re: Kings wanna deal...Are we a match?
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I view Evans as a rich man's Tony Allen. He has all the hops and athleticism of pre-injury TA, with a much better handle and is stronger.

I wonder if the same people who don't want Evans here because he is not a good match with Rondo would say no to TA coming back here because he wouldn't be a good fit with Rondo.

Think about the athleticism and suffocating D that a Rondo-Bradley Evans 1-2-3 combination would be.

This has jumped the shark, guys. Evans isn't actually a good defensive player. Somewhere way back there someone mentioned that Evans could become an excellent defensive player some day. He certainly has the tools to be one, but thus far he has not shown the effort or the intelligence, only the size and lateral quickness. Saying Tyreke Evans is a rich man's Tony Allen is like saying Javale McGee is a rich man's Tyson Chandler.

That's actually a really good comparison. McGee is more talented than Chandler. Offensively he's more coordinated, and is more athletic. But man his skill level and mental judgements are just miles behind in every meaningful way.

Yeah he be shaqtin a fool too much

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Re: Kings wanna deal...Are we a match?
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If DA is gonna waste effort to trade then make it worth the effort,  lateral moves will mean little or nothing.

If he wants the team to really have a chance to improve  this year in a serious mannor ...forget all the suspect role players that might help a little here or there . C's need real help , not stopgaps... trade for Cousins.

or be happy playing .500 ball till PP and KG retire and rebuild. ANd another 6 years or rebuilding.