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Christmas Present Help: LeapPad 2
« on: December 04, 2012, 12:03:57 PM »

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So I plan on buying my nephew (age 4 1/2) a LeapPad 2 for Christmas.

1. Any of you parents (or other relatives/friends) ever bought a LeapPad 2 for your kid?  If so, do you have any comments,warnings, suggestions (definitely get it, get X instead, breaks easily, etc.)?  I plan on buying him a case, charger, and a few games along with it (I'm aware they sell a bundle like that on the Leapfrog site, but it's cheaper if I piece together my own on Amazon).

2. Unless #1 leads to an outcry of negative experiences, my real question is what good games should I get to go with it?  He likes Cars and Thomas Trains, but sometimes I read reviews about those specific games and people say their kid was bored with it after an hour.  Obviously, I want to stay away from those type of games so looking for some good game suggestions (more educational the better), that he won't get sick of easily.  Any suggestions what games to get or what to stay away from?

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