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Re: If there was one Celtic you would trade -- who would it be?
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If I'm Ainge, literally nobody is untouchable.  Rondo is our best asset.  There's a handful of players you'd have to trade him for and a couple handfuls more you'd have to consider trading him for if they became available.

Pierce is my favorite player of the modern era... but if the right opportunity comes about, you have to trade him.

I can tell you that the one Celtic I would be least likely to trade is probably KG.  #1 - I don't think there is a ton of value for a man of his age right now.  #2 - I think he more than anyone on the team is critical to the culture of this team and he's invaluable to our transition to the next generation of Celtics.

Agree.  The way I see it, if we had to trade one our our Big 3, my list would go like this:

1.  Pierce - Jeff Green is getting starter money, so if we traded Paul Jeff could move right in.  It'd be a large drop-off, but at least we'd have a starter-caliber starter at the 3.

2.  Rondo - His inability to score consistently, along with his gambling on defense, brings up the question, "Can we really rebuild around a guy like Rajon?"  I think we can, but a lot of things have to go right.

3.  Garnett - I'll keep this short and sweet.  If we lose KG, we become quite possibly the worst defensive team in the NBA.  When he comes off the floor, it's like a lay-up line for the other team.  His defense and emotion are key to us competing year after year, and I don't think we can lose him if we want Banner 18.

All this being said, I'd prefer we keep all of them.  I'd pose this question a month after Bradley returns.  By that time, we'll have had a chance to see what this team looks like fully healthy.

Re: If there was one Celtic you would trade -- who would it be?
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