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Re: I like Bass. Shoot me.
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I think everyone likes Bass.  I just think that everyone sees him as a player who has some value that's fairly replaceable. 

He's an undersized PF who can't play the 5 spot. 

He can hit the jumper well for a big, but so can Sullinger.

He can finish well on the break, but so can Wilcox.

And with Green potentially playing more 4 as the season goes on, we could cover the 4 spot in his absence, not even  taking into account that a trade involving Bass would likely involve bringing in another big like Gortat. 

So yes, I think he's very good at what he does.  However, I think he's replaceable, and that's why people are more likely to use his name in trade talks.  Also, his salary helps, as a combination our young players doesn't add up to enough to bring back much salary. 

Re: I like Bass. Shoot me.
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