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Suit Me Up
« on: December 04, 2012, 09:54:30 PM »

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Hey Celts,

I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to select a suit.  What menswear stores and businesses would you recommend that are in Massachusetts?     

Basically, I'm broke.  I'm down and out, so to speak, and I need a new suit for job interviews.  I'm looking for something that is good value but respectable quality.

I have purchased cheap suits at local discount vendors and they didn't last.  I did not feel confident or "legit" while wearing those suits. 

I am open to buying a used suit if the quality is there.  I'm not into name brands, just something that looks decent and will last for a respectable amount of time if I take good care of it.

If I can look half as cool as these dudes below I will be quite happy indeed:

Thanks!  Go Celtics!

Re: Suit Me Up
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in cali

we got warehouse men

or the goodwill

Re: Suit Me Up
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If there's a goodwill near you it's definitely worth a look. Sometimes they have very high quality stuff at bargain prices. Also, make sure the chest & shoulders fit - the rest can be easily tailored.  :)
Other than that pay attention to sales - especially online if you know your size. Good luck!