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Re: Spurs (8-3) at Celtics (6-5) 11/21
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It's like Doc is forcing this small ball lineup purely so that his players can adjust to it for when we face the Heat in the playoffs.


If he keeps using this lineup we won't MAKE the playoffs!

Everyone keeps comparing this to last year's start, but there is a differenc.  At the start of last year we were still a fairly solid defensive team, we just cranked it up a massive notch once Bradley started and KG moved to Center.

We were NEVER the NBA's 22nd best defense at any point last year.

Re: Spurs (8-3) at Celtics (6-5) 11/21
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Danny just needs to get Varejao.  Guy had 19 boards tonight.

This !! We don't have a scoring Center or a rebounding center ??? Playing without a true center. Poor ol KG is just too old and unwilling to play the paint and battle.

With a couple good BIGs  7footers the Gasols, Lopezs, ect , then the rest of the contributions would be oK,  Green might even be ok.   The REST of the team can't make up for the lack of 7ft talent. Dear Doc, his is not the HEAT .

This stupid form of basketball is going wind up getting the Celtics in a lot of trouble.

Re: Spurs (8-3) at Celtics (6-5) 11/21
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Fact of the matter is, before you go all season hoping, wishing, this team is  the team you're seeing....don't, this is the team you are watching ( I don't watch, can't deal, they're horrible and one of the most boring, inane, garbage teams to watch. It's not going to change. What exactly is it that makes you think that all of the sudden this team is going to get heart, intensity, desire to play and win basketball games? They aren't. Team is one of the most disappointing, garbage teams I've ever watched in my entire career of watching, playing.

It's still your prerogative to watch them, but be warned, they are going nowhere.
They're no fun to watch. They don't run, they give no energy and they can't rebound. Not sure I've ever seen or even heard of a team that is this bad at rebounding.

Many people felt that way about last year's team. 

As much as our poor defense and lack of rebounding disgusts me, I will continue to watch every game because I am a Celtics fan until I die.  If you're only going to watch teams when they're playing well, go watch the Heat.  That's where fair-weather fans belong.

TP, well said
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Re: Spurs (8-3) at Celtics (6-5) 11/21
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had a slight celebration nd passed out during dis game so i only caught bits nd pieces any positives yall can tell me?