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Okay, let me start by saying this is not a bash Sully thread, but really what is he bringing to the table?
It's odd that Doc never plays rookies yet he's getting early playing time and not really doing much with it. So far he's not scoring, his defense isn't great and more importantly, he's not rebounding. He looked great in pre season and maybe he just needs time. I know there's not a lot of better options on the bench, but maybe someone like Darko (at least he's 7 foot) or more Wilcox makes sense.

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Doc is using him as the fourth big man right now over Collins/Darko most nights (when he doesn't go small with Green). That's about right given his potential and performance. Collins is more of a post defense specialist and Darko is a complete question mark.

Sullinger is a lost puppy out there right now.

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I think Sully is still learning his place in this league.  The fact that he is on the floor at all at this point in his career says something.  And I think he has been quietly getting better from game to game. 

The problem with Sully is that for him to be successful in the league, he is going to have to do it with smarts, skills, and trickery.  And that takes time to learn.  He needs to learn the tricks guys do down low to get position and rebounds (he should watch Reggie Evans).  He needs to learn how to time his shots in the paint to slip them past defenders.  He needs to get better at the rotations in general as a team defender.

To me though, what he really needs to do, is embrace the role of shooting from 15 feet.  He has a really smooth shot from out there, but he is never looking for it.  If he wants things to open up for him in other parts of the game, I think he needs to start shooting more.  That will open up passing lanes, driving lanes, and it will just make him more effective in general.

I am glad Doc has cut his minutes down a bit, because it was clear he wasn't ready.  But I still think he is going to be very valuable later in the season, as he continues learning the tricks of being a floor-bound big man in the NBA.

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I think we're looking at trade bait rather than a future starter, but that's just one guy's opinion.

He's definitely a basketball player, though.

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Sully is very smart, his basketball IQ is very high and I think that helps him on the floor. (On Offense anyways.) He might be our best rebounder (its amazing what boxing out other players does) and he has soft hands allowing him to make easy catches at the right place and right time.

I see Sully as another undersized PF for us though. He does some things well but he needs a lot of work (as most rookies do) and thats going to take a lot of time to develop. If he is traded to get us a star forward/center ala Smith, Gortat, even Jefferson, Id have to pull the trigger. It would be sad to see him go, but at the same time I am perfectly ok with him being expendable at this point to get an established vet who can defend and fit out system well.
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Sully is doing fine for a kid that only had two years of college , heck he is still growing up.   

He has looked lost at times , and has had some defensive letdowns every game.  He , is learning from trial under fire.  He is smart , doesn't mind being coached , respects his COACHS, and his older team mates. Listens well and has a winning attitude and background ..this gets him brownie points with the coachs. Compare this Royce Whites rookie season.

DOc and Danny see potiental $$$$ ,  be becomes more valuable everygame as his experience handling NBA players 10 times better than most guys he meet up with at OHIO state.

I 'm thinking when Sully gets his defense house  in order , he'll be able to open up his offensive game more with the blessing of Doc.

Also , I think Doc and DA want him on the fast track , to help with a playoff push late in the season. TO do that playing against the best NBA players is what it takes. 

Sully could learn ALOT from playing against guys like Milsap and Big Al often as possible.... I'm sure DOc wanted him in that game for a several reasons.

ANd besides , he is a fun kid to watch play ...he'll be ok .
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