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Lebron James
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I know most of you may hate me for posting this, but as sports fans, we should give credit where credit is due.. Lebron James has been our 'enemy' ever since the (erstwhile) Big Three was formed, but there's no denying his greatness talents and what he's done for the league and for the sport of basketball.. And this year, he's earned possibly the biggest achievement for any NBA player in history : winning league MVP, an NBA championship, NBA Finals MVP, Olympic gold medal, and now, Sportsman of the Year.. Some of us may argue that he had a little bit of help (you all know what I'm talking about), but he has proven that he deserved all of his accomplishments.. As a basketball fan, I want to congratulate Lebron for an amazing year... And as a Celtics fan, this just makes me want to beat him and his Heat more badly! See you in the Conference Finals, Bron!  ;D