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Moving Fan Posts higher up on the site
« on: November 05, 2012, 12:39:24 PM »

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Since the site's redesign, which marginalized the Fan Posts by pushing them so far down the page, there have barely been any comments made in the Fan Post section.  If you look at the past 12-15 posts, most have 0 comments, and most posts are well thought out and worthy of discussion.  I always found the Fan Posts to be the second most important part of the site, next to the "breaking news" (Moderator Posts) at the top.

The Forums are fine, but the Posts really allow for more of a personal expression of one's thoughts.  The comments are easier to read and everything is better organized.  With the Forums, you have to go back and sometimes read pages upon pages of pasted "quotes" and silly comments just to get to the meat of the discussion, but that's not so with the Posts.  With the posts, everything is laid out for you in one clean, organized page.

If possible, I think it would be an improvement to the site to move the Fan Posts farther up, perhaps replacing the "Latest News" section, which simply repeats news headlines directly adjacent to it.  That section seems a bit redundant, so it can probably be killed.

Viva la Fan Posts!

Thanks for your time.

p.s. I do understand the irony that I used a Forum to bring up this topic of discussion.  I assumed a Post would be largely ignored.

Re: Moving Fan Posts higher up on the site
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I like this suggestion.  It brought to my attention that I have been not reading fan posts nearly as often as i used to. the
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