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Coolest Team Ever
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70's Knick Clyde Frazier literally wrote the book on cool:

Bill Russell literally wrote the Introduction to the book on cool, lol.
I was just thinking about how this year's Celtics team could go down as the coolest, or one of the coolest teams ever. Then I started thinking about league-wide, all time. What were the coolest teams? I'm thinking in kind of Maxim magazine style mentality with this post,  8)

My first thought is that the Showtime Lakers were extremely cool. That team and that style played a huge role in the NBA's resurgence in popularity in the 80's. Magic was the ultimate alpha stud and this song captures that team's sensational cultural impact:

80's Celtics were very cool, or so uncool they were cool, one or the other.
Charles Barkley Calls 80s Celtics ‘Ugliest Team in NBA History’

The Bad Boys were pretty cool. Great name anyway. Although Isaiah lost a lot of cred when he flaked out and bad talked Magic after the HIV press conference.

By marketing standards, Jordan and his Bulls teams are still probably the apex.

Allen Iverson's blue collar 76ers were pretty cool.

Wilt Chamberlain was a pioneer in basketball celebrity stardom, style, marketing, and socially. Today's rappers are basically 40 years behind Wilt Chamberlain, and rapping about the EXACT same things. Jack Johnson the boxer didn't have the cameras and televisions to publish his exploits.

What's the coolest team of all time?

Dream Team of coolness
1 Magic Dongson/Pete Marivich
2 Michael Jordan/Avery Bradley/Dr J/Kobe
3 Hick de la Lick/
4 KG/Barkley/Kemp/
5 Wilt/Russell/Shaq/The Dream/

Would the 2012 Celtics be the coolest Champs ever? Well who would be?
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