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Get Terry involved!
« on: November 03, 2012, 12:07:15 PM »

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I really think we need to get Terry involved more and get him some open shots.

Yesterdays game felt like there were a few opportunities for Rondo to make a little drive and kick it out to Terry but never did.
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Re: Get Terry involved!
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Please! I hate the "rondo dribble for 18 second trying to force it into pierce or kg while everyone stands and watches". It doesn't work! Move the ball fellas. It's basketball not rocket science!
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Re: Get Terry involved!
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Offline OhioGreen

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JT is not playing instinctively. He's trying to fit that mold of "being a Celtic". Team before individual, and while that is admirable, the fact is JT is a scorer! Period! He's an assassin. A diminutive Vinnie Johnson.
JT you're not a great defender. You are not a great point guard. We brought you here to light it up. So PLEASE stop passing up open shots. Take every one you can get. You are able to create your own almost every time you touch the ball. Do it!!! That's what this team NEEDS from you!
Love to see JT light up the Wiz for about 35 tonite and be the sparkplug we're desperately searching for!
Wish I could forward this to him! 8)

Re: Get Terry involved!
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Offline Jon

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I think this is a problem for everyone.  It seems everyone is playing too unselfishly.  That's good.  But someone needs to start looking for shots.  Terry would be a good place to start. 

He looked good in the first half of the Miami game.  Time to get back to that.