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Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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For all the people spelling doom the best advice i can give is just take each game on its merits. I hated how they played tonight aswell.

That said, every game isn't always going to be some profound insight on how this team is going to play for the rest of the year and the playoffs.

A lot of people on this board were made to look foolish last year after their early performance.

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Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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The disappointing thing isn't the result, it was the effort.  It was a worse effort than against the heat.  They will get better.  Doc will ride them hard until they play hard consistently.  I just didn't think anyone would have to get on us to play hard...oh well.  It is really early.

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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Only caught bits and pieces of the Miami game (intermittent power outages here in NYC), but watched all of this one.

They are sloppy. Not a cohesive unit on either end. They will get there. May take more time than some thought (especially me), but the talent is there.

JET hasn't taken off yet. Green's shot isn't falling, and once that does his confidence will grow to other parts of his game. Bass looked lost on defense tonight when playing C, don't want him there anymore.

I think this is a big adjustment for not only the role players, but also for the Big Three and more importantly Doc.

Remember, only 4 guys playing right now were on the playoff roster. That's a lot of players to integrate, especially on the defensive end.

Doc went to the bench too much tonight. Didn't like seeing 5 reserves in at once.

Would love to be 2-0 right now, but with the effort put forth thus far, we don't deserve to be.

Disappointed? Yeah. Worried? No.

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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What disappointed me is they allowed Brandon Jennings to dish 13 assists. The defense, effort in particular needs to improve. A score first guard got 13 assists on that defense, ouch.
"The Boston Celtics are not a basketball team, they are a way of life."

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Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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say what u will about ray being gone... i bet we are really missing his floor spacing right now

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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2 games deep, 80 left.  This was clearly a game they should have won.  Milwaukee isn't on Boston's level, but things happen.  The Miami loss is one you can accept.  Miami is very good, you can live with it.

Just an all around sloppy game for the C's.  I'm just hanging out at a Chinese restaurant having some beers, watching the game and there were moments I thought they would mount a comeback, but it wasn't meant to be. 

Still no need to panic.  Once they get that first win, it will help their confidence a lot.  You've got new guys trying to find their place.  Although many of the new guys are veterans...still, when you walk into a new system, you still feel jitters.  That first win will be the ice breaker and get things flowing...let's just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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I could smell a blow out at home

blow out indeed, just not the right kind

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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Miami are the defending champions.  Miami have three All-Stars on their team, and two of those are top 10 NBA players.  They are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.  They beat us in 7 games last season, fair and square, behind Lebron who put the team on his shoulders. 

I can handle getting beaten by Miami in the first game of the season - I can even handle it being a blowout. What I can't handle is being blown out by the darn Bucks..that's just embarassing.

Many people are complaining about the makeup of our roster, but I don't have a problem with the players on our roster - I have a problem with the way we're using them.

I'm happy Darko on this team - I think he could be major contributer for us if Doc actully played the guy!

Sullinger also is a nice addition, but he's gotta be used at the PF spot where he is most effective. At that position he isn't too undersized, and he can use his post-up game, his rebounding and his muscle to his advantage.  He has no such advantage against NBA centers, who will likely destroy him on offense.

Bass should NEVER play center.  Hell, I would even rather see Sullinger at Center then Bass.  Bass is undersized at the PF spot as it is and he does not have the size to defend Centers. His athleticism and muscle are more useful at the PF spot.  The guy is listed at 6'8" which is way too short for a center, even before you consider the fact that he is closer to 6'7". 

The fact of the matter is plain and simple - I don't care what the matchup is, we need somebody in the middle to defend the paint AT ALL TIMES.  If KG sits then it's got to be Darko, or Collins, or even Melo if we get that desperate.  We need somebody on the court who can either:

1. Block shots


2. Put opposing players on their back

I don't mind which method is used, as long as opposing teams learn the hard way that there are no easy baskets against us going to the basket.

While KG is at center, it doesn't really matter who we have at PF - Wilcox, Bass and Sully are all fine because we already have a defensive anchor in the paint. 

If Darko / Collins is our center, then we should stick to Bass, Wilcox or Green at the PF spot so we maintain some mobility in the frontcourt. 

Absolute worst case scenario (if Doc absolutely MUST go small) it should be Wilcox at center.  He is the only 'PF' we have who is somewhat capable of playing center.  He still doesn't do much to protect the rim though, so this should still only be used under very special circumstances (say, to match up against Bosh/Miami).

This small ball thing is rediculous - why are we trying to match up with other teams?  Lottery teams try to 'match' other teams. Mediocre teams try to 'match up' with other teams.  Borderline playoff teams try to 'match up' with other teams. 

We are the Boston Celtics - we are an elite team.  We are a championship contender.  Championship condenders do not 'match up' with opposing teams.  Championship contenders play to THEIR own game, at THEIR own pace and dominate using THEIR  own strengths.  Championship contenders force OPPOSING teams to 'match up' with THEM...just like Miami did to us in the season opener.

Also Doc needs to stop drilling this idea in everyones head that our entire season focus is Miami.  Forget Miami, I don't care about Miami.  The only team we should be focussing on right now is the Boston Celtics.  We need to learn to play to our strengths long before we worry about who we're playing against. 

We need our most effective lineup out there regardless of who we play against. 

I honestly wonder if this whole Miami drilling is messing with everyone's heads.  Against Miami the team looked too emotionally invested, and today they look like they have no emotional investment at all.  Why did Terry go nuts and take over the game in the last 2 minutes?  Why didn't he play like that when we weren't down by 20???

I understand that Doc likes to experiment with all the versatility he has.  That experiment led us to a horrible preseason record and consecutive blowouts in our first two games to start the season.  How about you ditch the experiment and just put our best lineup's out on the court?

Now I know it may not run everyone the right way, but what we NEED out there in our starting lineup is:

PG: R Rondo
SG: C Lee
SF: P Pierce
PF: J Sullinger
C: K Garnett

This lineup is strong in every area of the game. 

Rondo is the best playmaker in the league and a great scorer off penetration. 

Lee is a solid perimeter defender and a good shooter. 

Pierce is a dominate force who can score and contribute in
multiple ways. 

Sullinger is a big who will create extra possessions with his offensive rebounding, and get us high percentage shots with his low post game. 

Garnett is a center who is mobile enough to defend the P&R, who grabs defensive boards, and who can score inside or out.  If Sullinger slips on a defensive play KG can pick up his man, and Sully is less likely to get stuck defending a quicker guy because Rondo, Lee and Pierce are all good perimeter defenders.

Then on our second unit we need:

PG: L Barbosa
SG: J Terry
SF: J Green
PF: B Bass
C: D Milicic

Barbosa is not a proper PG but you know what - neither is Terry.  Regardless which of those two guys we have out there we won't have many fancy plays running, all they need to do is bring the ball up. For that reason we need to make the most effective and consistent scorer our SG, and he other guys brings up the ball.  Terry is a better scorer off the ball, while Barbosa is probably more effective with the ball (better at taking it to the hole, etc).  For this reason we need Barbosa at the point and Terry at the SG position. 

Green needs to play SF as a backup to Pierce, where he's more comfortable.  I don't mind him playing 4 or 5 minutes at the PF spot, but most of his minutes should be at SF. It's not because he's not capable at the 4, it's just becuase we have 3 other guys who are natural PF's and can probably man the position better.

Bass is a consistent, dead-eye shooter from midrange and we need that scoring punch in the front court of our second lineup to help stretch the floor.  He's quick enough to defend the P&R and he's stong enough to defender 'power' players.  He could probably even rebound at a decent rate against opposing second tier PF's.

Darko needs to back up KG at center so we have someone to block shots, indimidate, grab defensive rebounds, and commit hard fouls on guys who even think about scoring inside. 

Also before anyone complains NO I'm not suggesting that Sullinger is better than Bass.  Honestly I think they are similar calibre players who both bring different skill sets.  I think Bass gives a slightly higher contribution right now in fact.  I've only laid out the lineup this way because this is the best fit for out team.  Just like we needed Ray on the bench last year, we need Bass' consistent scoring and energy off the bench this year.

Now for the remaining guys

Collins will get his moments against elite low post bigs (Howard, Bynum, etc) and when Darko gets into foul trouble. 

Wilcox will get his minutes when we need an athletic scorer/rebounder in the frontcourt to deal with teams that have more athletic 5's. 

Joseph and Melo will get garbage-time minutes along with backup minutes if Green or Collins/Darko/Wilcox get hurt.

THAT needs to be how our rotation works no matter who we are playing against.

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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... I like K Joseph.  Good things seem to happen when he is on the court ...

Word on the street is he's our best 'pick and roll' player during practice:

Poor guy...

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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... I like K Joseph.  Good things seem to happen when he is on the court ...

Word on the street is he's our best 'pick and roll' player during practice:

Poor guy...
ooh disgusting!

Re: Bucks (0-0) at Celtics (0-1) 11/2
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Horrible, horrible game, from the kind that doesn't give you any desire to watch the next one.

Nothing to learn from this one except that our defense is pathetic, the worst we had in 5 years and worthy of some rookies biting on every pumpfake... the paint is basically an open bar for every opposing player whether he can dribble or not. Every possession ended on a turnover or a terrible shot, so it was even harder to watch the offensive end.

Also, Terry is awful on both ends and Green camps around the 3 point line where he just shoots bricks after bricks.

I do think that this team needs time but other teams with a lot of new players play very well from the start... like the Bucks did. We deserved to get our butts kicked, now I only hope the team will wake up.