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Question to the moderators...
« on: September 25, 2012, 06:17:57 PM »

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Is there something that you can do about the irrelevant and negative posts by posters on here?

I contacted Jeff to see if a post can be ignored/blocked, but I reckon that you can't since I can still see the post written by the posters in question.  Normally, I don't call out people but these posters were jerks toward me and they've clearly violated the rules.

I didn't appreciate their posts.  I fail to see why this behavior is tolerated by the moderators.  Simply, if you don't like the topic, don't reply to it.  Right? Of course, I stand up for myself and the moderators would go after me as opposed to addressing the real problem.

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Re: Question to the moderators...
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The ignore feature is weird, it only blocks the posts of people when you are in Reply mode. It also blocks PMs iirc, but that doesn't help either.

Re: Question to the moderators...
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I will respond to this in a bit, but in the interim I'm going to lock it.

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