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Re: Holy smokes. They just ruined Lance Armstong.
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I think Armstrongs legacy wont be as tainted as some might think. Stripping Lnace Armstrong of his 7 titles is kinda like saying Bonds isnt the leading home run hitter of all time...

I mean, both happened, and both are true.
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Re: Holy smokes. They just ruined Lance Armstong.
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The only difference between Armstrong and all the other cyclists is he is the quintessential narcissist who I think truly believed he could get away with his lifetime of lies.

This is one of the truest statements in this thread.
Here's a good read if you're interested, particularly if you think Lance is innocent...

And to those who are saying 'Lance has never failed a drug test', you really need to do your research. He's failed multiple tests throughout his career. The US cycling admin have kept results of tests hidden. They've tried to protect their image by protecting this scumbag but unfortunately when you roll the dice that many times, it catches up with you.
I was a big Lance fan until George Hinkappe (his long time team mate) testified against him to a US grand jury. That was the start of researching Lance doping history.

Freakish athlete, narcissist and public servant. Still a good old scumbag that got caught up in the cycling culture at the time and there's nothing he can do to go back and change it all.

Why is he a scumbag? What has he done to hurt ANYONE (that you know of)? Oh, he's a scumbag b/c he doped up? Well I hate to break it to you, "all" athletes dope up... when you realize that then you should not fault Lance for it... it is your own fault that you were fooled when it's clear that "all" of them do it! The greatest athletes of yesteryear all doped up but we just didn't have the test for those people... but it was well known that they did! Also, what is banned now are things that other people were "free" to use in the past... so now we make these people into villains when others got away with it!

I personally don't care that he doped up (or lied to protect his career), he didn't hurt anyone AND he helped a lot of sick people with the money he helped to raise!

Stop living in a fantasy world people!! There probably wouldn't be these huge sports and quality players without some aid, steroids or other illegal things! If they aren't hurting anyone and they are doing their jobs (entertaining), then where is the problem. Another thing, just b/c he doped up it doesn't mean he didn't have to work just as hard... remember, everyone else is doping too, so if everyone is doing it, just doing it won't get you the wins... you have to be/have more than the roids!

He's built his career on the notion that he's the only champion in modern cycling that built a dynasty on not cheating. PLUS he has used his cancer battle to make the story even more like a fairy tale to make more money. He's also threatened numerous other cyclists and tried to use his clean image to bury their careers.
I've been a serious cyclist in my time and once admired this bag of scum. Once you do a little research on the guy you start to see how self involved he is, but you let his arrogance slide because he's a 7X tour winner who does a boatload for cancer... Then you find out he's been conning you for years, you've bought his books, supported him and stayed up late to watch him ride in France.
The best way to appreciate his scumbag status is to read his books and see how many times he gloats, boasts and 'confirms' that he didn't cheat and how he tries to be a model for the sport blah blah blah.
Complete and utter scum-bucket full of puss is this human being.

LOL let him slide b/c he is a 7x champ? I do not watch or even like cycling!!! Cycling is just like NASCAR to me, a bunch of going round and round, BORING! He has raised a LOT of money for cancer... again, who has he hurt???? EVERY athlete has HUGE egos, you can't be good without one!! I don't care what he does as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else (I don't care about him hurting feelings)! Like I said, "all" athletes do some type of enhancements and "all" do so illegally but not many will get "caught"! You're just going to continue getting hurt feelings if you believe otherwise.

Read this, documents him and his outfits' bullying and threatening (some death threats even being given) tactics.  I understand you defending what he's done for cancer research, but threatening peoples' livelihoods definitely "hurts" people, and that's not even getting into his threats and intimidation tactics used toward those who wouldn't stay silent about his doping, and their respective families. 

You sound like a pretty devout Armstrong supporter (for whatever reason) who's opinion won't be budged, but I think his tactics make him more than a scumbag and shows that he has indeed "hurt" people who wouldn't keep silent about his lying and drug abuse.  Despite his humanitarian work, dude is an arrogant ass.

Like I said, I don't like cycling and I don't care about Armstrong, I do care when EVERY athlete is druggies but no one cares they choose to take down the better athletes... then people get all up in arms! Nah I don't know if he did threaten people or not but if he has that's definitely wrong and he should be punished. The crying about these supposed "clean" cyclist... well they know just as well as "you" do that everyone is on drugs, that's just the way it is... if they want things to be "fair", pick another profession! Lance and these other athletes who drug up still have to work very hard to be great at their job... if roids could make you amazing without work, everyone would do them... they help but they don't make you a 7 time champ!

People always want bigger and better in sports but get all high and mighty when they find out how the athletes get there!
I think you are missing the point.  It isn't that Lance used.  It isn't even that he lied about using.  It is all the other stuff he did to coverup the usage, the positive tests, etc.  Lance is a bad bad guy.  He destroyed multiple careers just because people told the truth.  That makes you a **** of the highest order.

Re: Holy smokes. They just ruined Lance Armstong.
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