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Re: Baby gets nostalgic
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Wow, Baby seems pretty convinced that the was the last of the Big 3.

Seems pretty delusional about his own skill level, and his impact on the team as well.
I guess you diddnt watch him go 20 and 10 for the last month of the season and playoffs for the Magic.

I did watch him go 20-10 and it was about as unimpressive a 20-10 as any player in NBA history.

His PER at the Center position is 17.2 (on the level of a solid 2nd option).  His opponents PER at the Center position was a 20.2 (All-Star level).

A 20-10 isn't worth much if you're giving up a 25-15 to the opponent.

Also, how about his January, where he went 7-6 with 37% shooting.  Or his February, where he went 8-3 with 43% shooting.

Those games count too.  Any player is great if you cherry pick only his best games.

Re: Baby gets nostalgic
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You do have to give him some credit for the playoff games.  He was the best player on a team that had no business being there without Dwight. 

That being said, his attitude and overall skillset just does not fit well with Rondo's game who has every year, increasingly been the key to our success.  Bass fits beautifully with Rondo's game and while started out miles behind Davis as a defender, by the end of the year was more than a capable defensive player.  He'd be perfect as a bench player, but as a starter he more than holds his own.  He just needs more experience in the playoffs and against an elite team like the Heat.