Author Topic: Admit to the remakes you would watch here  (Read 1317 times)

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Admit to the remakes you would watch here
« on: April 17, 2011, 12:56:09 PM »

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I'm not saying you'd pay money or anything

Lord of the Rings......I'd consider it. I'd wonder who had the guts to give it a shot

Anything involving the Trojan War

I'd consider Rudy if it was more historically accurate

Re: Admit to the remakes you would watch here
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I'll watch a remake if there's a reason to make the remake.  For instance, being more faithful to the original source material, etc., or giving it an interesting spin.  I also favor first class productions, rather than shameless money grabs.  Similarly, American remakes of foreign movies can be cool.

Remakes I've liked:  True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma, Casino Royale, Let Me In, Star Trek (a "reboot", rather than a remake), and probably a whole bunch more.

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