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The Sports Reporters
« on: December 12, 2010, 10:51:20 AM »

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This is one of my favorite shows on tv

But what was up with that Bryan guy's ear today? Is that just his ear? I never noticed before. I don't really care, I just always wonder what's up with stuff like that from a scientific point of view

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This is one of my favorite shows. I think maybe I'll update this from time to time.

Things said today.

Tiger is now unrootable. He acts like he's the only guy in the history of the Masters going back to the 1400s that missed a put - Bob Ryan

Boston (Celtics) made a horrendous trade - M Lupica

I finally broke down and joined twitter - John Saunders

At one point Manny Ramirez was averaging more than an RBI a game and nobody has ever done that - Ryan

It makes you wonder if more guys are going to try this once they get older. Like it's between this and retirement so I'm going to do this and roll the dice. Maybe I won't get caught - Mitch Albom

So Dennis Rodman is the in the Hall and Reggie Miller's not. That's not Rodman's fault - Albom

The golfers that won the Masters talked about watching Tiger when they were 7. Golf has always been international, but has Tiger made it more international? - Saunders

Lupica's response - It's common to give credit to Tiger for everything including starting the Tea Party, but no it wasn't him. That was (some guy whose name I didn't catch) in the 80's

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If you had been more of a volume poster, eja, we wouldn't have ignored this thread for the past four months. ;)

I used to enjoy the Sports Reporters, but I haven't watched in ages.

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I was highly offended nobody cared about Brian's ear.  I just couldn't figure that one out.

I've been slightly interested in people's ears ever since college when I asked in some class that I assume was sciency  - My friend has a small growth on his ear?  Is that a mutation per se?  And the response was "It could be, but it could also be some sort of bacterial growth or something else. You'll have to ask him"

And I thought Noooooo I don't think I will

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I don't remember lots, but I'll see what I can do

Michael Smith (looking phenomenally well dressed today) me stubborn, call me stupid...but I still think you want the ball in the hands of your best player at the end of the game and for the Heat that guy is Lebron.

There was wide spread agreement that Joe Mauer shouldn't play catcher any more due to injury and his large size pointing out history hasn't been kind to tall catchers, with Bob Ryan being the loudest voice in the group

Ryan...I know they're paying him lots of money for a catcher and he wants to play catcher but they'll have to get over that and move him to right field. They're going against history.

Israel Guiterez...If Cal Ripken can move from short stop anyone can change positions.

John Saunders in parting shots pointed out that some great marathon runner died "You usually say someone lost their battle with cancer. I prefer to think she came to the finish line"

Bob Ryan pointed out the owners of the Dodgers have managed to destroy a top 5 franchise calling the owner "a special guy"

Bob Ryan ....The Oklahoma City Thunder wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say "Hello 2011 NBA Champions"....they do!

Israel.....There's not exactly a lot of star power of that Nuggets team they're beating yet. They aren't there yet.

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All right lets see what I remember.

Lupica.....Indianapolis is such a great sports town.

Lupica and Howard Bryant ..."I'm not a car guy, but the Indy 500 is a great event"

Bryan Burwell....The Brickyard is one of the great sports cathedrals of America like Churchill Downs and Yankee Stadium

Saunders....Lebron. Win a ring and you'll shut up a lot of people, including me.

Saunders....The M-e-t-s are now a m-e-s-s.

Lupica...If the Mets lose their lawsuit they'll have to sell the team. And they didn't get this way by not spending money. They got this way by spending. They signed a lot of New York Knicks type contracts. If you're a Mets fan you gotta be mad.

Bryant...but a devastating loss can devastate a team.  2006 is the demarcation point for this team. Boston they're running through the streets saying "The British Columbians are coming."

Pretty much everyone...This NBA finals is a great story of possible redemption for everyone.

Burwell.....I'd call Kidd a veteran but there something after veteran? He's been here so long that's what he is.

Lupica...Dwayne Wade is executive of the year.

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These are awesome. You may just make a viewer out of me.

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Great show.
"It's all about having the heart of a champion." - #34 Paul Pierce

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Israel Guiterez is losing his hair, but it's hard to tell

Lupica:  Tim Thomas is a gambling swashbuckling goalie and he got  clipped last night

Albom: I don't think game 2 hurt the Heat's confidence because that's a little bit impossible, but I think it did a lot for the Mavs' confidence

Israel: It's kinda funny all this premature celebration stuff is what Jason Terry is saying when he has a tattoo of the Larry O'Brien Trophy on his arm

Saunders: He says if they lose he's getting it removed

Albom:The rules of college football don't fit in the world we live in

Lupica: It's hopelessly broken and we have to abandon this notion of the student athlete. It's like the NCAA has to be in the vault while the bank is being robbed. Oh gee I guess there's bank robbery going on.

Albom: I don't think Tressel is a bad guy. I wasn't surprised. This is in all college football now and it was just Ohio State's turn

Albom: There's no face of baseball. Basketball can be identified in one or two guys, but not baseball.

Saunders: Is it because when we were kids players stayed on the same team their whole career. Ripken is the last guy I can think of like that.

Lupica: No. It's because of steroids - and baseball is to be commended for the toughest drug laws in sports - but it's hard to get our belief back. Now every time someone hits a home run you think "steroids"

Saunders: Gary Carter used to raise money to fight poverty. Now that he has inoperable brain cancer he'll have people fighting FOR him coast to coast in TWO countries.

Lupica: Plaxico Burress did more time in jail than NFL players have done for killing people while drunk driving. Some team should come after him hard. He'll still be one of the best receivers the way Vick was still one of the best QBs

I don't care what anyone says. Albom doesn't like Sports or the Sports Reporters or something. The way he says "Thank you John" right before he starts parting shots shows a very bored and/or cynical guy
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They did something slightly different today. It caught me off guard. Each reporter gave a hint or said what they'd talk about in parting shots.

Lupica: The Patriots better man up because they have the longest championship drought of any New England team.

Bob Ryan: Don't think Bill doesn't know it.

Saunders: The richest guys in the country are probably the Boston parade guys. They do one almost every year.

A lot of talk about golf

Ryan: I'm not adopting another player. Been there. Done that.

A lot of discussion about changing baseball with adding more to the playoffs with Lupica becoming extremely animated and sarcastic

Lupica: You didn't like the wild card did you?

Ryan: I hated it. Then the first series was great.

Lupica: Things change.

Ryan: I'm just saying the decision will be made without the game's best interest. The interest will be making money.

Lupica: Really? How long has this making money thing been going on in pro sports? I mean I like baseball but I'm not a seamhead like this guy.

Israel Guiterez finally joined in with sane commentary: It'll be good in a sense. I mean did Cincinnati fans think they could win last year? Probably not, but it engaged the city and in that sense it is good.

Israel: It's amazing that a player like Lebron can be so aware of everything on the court and so unaware of himself in a press conference.

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There wasn't a lot going on today

All of them: The union that wasn't a union seemed more unified than ever and they didn't cave.

Howard Bryant: It's good that they got some things to extent their careers and may even improve the product like no two a days

Mike Lupica: A year or two ago if I had said Beckett is the best pitcher in baseball you'd have had to Tour de France drug test me, but you probably would have wanted a drug test that works.

Israel Guiterez:  If Tiger dumped his caddy for golf reasons then it's not really a story, but if it's for other reasons it is and we start to get to see what kind of person he is

Mike Lupica: Why do people celebrate Billy Beane for Moneyball when he hasn't won anything? Several small money teams have won during his time. What will his movie about him have as the highlight? Finishing 3rd in the AL West?

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Talking about ears, I always wondered about Mitch Albom's ears. He looks like a Ferengi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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I'm just going to insert myself into today's Sports Reporters

Jemele Hill, myself, Lupica, Bob Ryan, and Saunders today.

In no order

Ryan: I'm worried about Peyton's neck. Necks are tricky. I lived through this with Grogan once.

Saunders in parting shots: Now that Pryor is being suspended why doesn't Pete Carroll have to sit out some time? It seems the rules are the rules, and when they aren't, make them up

Lupica: Miami is the Casablanca of college football. I'm shocked! Shocked to find out there's gambling going on here.

Saunders: Both teams in the BCS final last year are under probation

Jemele Hill with the point of the day: Until the people at the top get punished nothing will change.

Lupica: You're right. A president of a university needs to go down.

Ryan: The delightful irony is that on Sept 17 Miami plays Ohio State

Lupica: For enough money they'll let you dot the i

Ryan: College football is a sham

Saunders: Shapiro wasn't even giving away his own money

Me: Apparently he wasn't giving away enough either, because despite putting a bounty on Tebow the guy still toasted them, and now he just laughs it off. Tebow is like the anti-sports anti Tiger, anti-Farve. Tebow for president, seriously.

Jemele Hill: Suh shouldn't change a thing about his game.

Ryan: The Phillies are finally acting like the big market team they are.

Lupica with the cliche' of the day: The Eagles haven't won a thing yet. I think they just signed Lebron and Chris Bosh

Me: [dang] you look fine today Jemele. And Mr. Saunders, who is your tailor I must know?

Lupica: Only race horses get paid less than college athletes

Me: A free education at Notre Dame or USC isn't a bucket of oats. Most kids graduate with thousands of dollars of debt. These kids don't and they get 5 years to do it fully knowing less than 2% of them will get to the pros. It's more a matter of being paid what they're worth, but a lot of them aren't worth more than that

Me: Lupica, can you take voice lessons please? Speaking of which, why hasn't Peter King ever been on this show?

Ryan: Congrats to Jim Thome for hitting 600 home runs. Nobody suspects him of juice either. Between him and Jeter that's two milestones in one year!

Me: I sorta do. Guilt by association.

Lupica: What evidence do you have?

Me: He's a pro baseball player

Jemele Hill: A pro baseball player who played through the roids era and hit a ton of homers

Me: Exactly. And I suspect Jeter too. I don't care if he's skinny. So is Tiger and something's up there too.

Saunders: That's apples and oranges

Me: I know it is.

Me in parting shots:  I knooooowww Tebow has some "hitch" in his throwing arm, whatever that means. The hitch that didn't seem to hold him back from a Heisman and two rings in college. I knooowww he played in a spread system just like Bradford, McCoy, and Vince Young. I knnnoowwww he's a large mobile white quarterback and suddenly Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton are Joe Montana. But I just can't help but think that the same people that don't believe in Tebow are the same ones that exiled Doug Flutie to Canada for being too short before he emerged to change the game in the NFL.  In the mean time whatever happened to having a team with players you can be proud of instead of winning at all costs?  Doubt Tebow all you want. You're probably the same guy that believed in a great young prospect with no hitch in his arm named Ryan Leaf.  Eeehhh?

Saunders: Don't make fun of my accent.

Me: That's not what that was aboot , but sorry.

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Last show ever today

left to right...Albom, Ryan, Lupica, Rhoden.   It's like 110 years of reporters

Lupica: Put this on continual loop. I agree with Ryan

Rhoden:  Why isn't Kobe in this discussion with Bron and MJ?
Lupica: Because he isn't as good as them.