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Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
« on: November 28, 2010, 10:42:25 PM »

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Boston Celtics (12-4) at Cleveland Cavaliers (7-9)
Tuesday, November 30
7:00 PM ET
Game #17, Away Game #9
Radio:  WTAM, WEEI
Quicken Loans Arena

Probable Starters
Rajon Rondo.......Ray Allen.......Paul Pierce.......Kevin Garnett...... Shaquille O'Neal

Boston Bench Mob
Marquis Daniels
Glen Davis
Luke Harangody
Nate Robinson
Von Wafer
Avery Bradley
Semih Erden 


Kendrick Perkins (knee) out
Jermaine O'Neal (knee) out
Delonte West (wrist)  out

Probable Starters
Mo Williams.....Anthony Parker.....Joey Graham.....JJ Hickson..... Anderson Varejao

Cavaliers Bench
Daniel Gibson
Ryan Hollins
Antawn Jamison
Manny Harris
Jawad Williams
Christian Eyenga
Jamario Moon
Leon Powe
Samardo Samuels
Ramon Sessions


Team Connections
Delonte West played for the Cavaliers from 2008-10.
Shaquille O’Neal played for the Cavaliers during the 2009-10 season
Leon Powe played for the Celtics from 2006-09
Joey Graham, Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker and Jermaine O’Neal
were teammates in Toronto during the 2008-09 season
Cavs Coach Byron Scott and Shaquille O’Neal were teammates on the 1996-97 Los Angeles Lakers
Daniel Gibson and Avery Bradley both attended the University of Texas
Cavaliers Assistant Coach Paul Pressey was an assistant with Boston from 2004-06

Key Matchups

Rajon Rondo vs Mo Williams
This will be a good matchup between 2 all star point guards, one on the way up and the other on the way down.  With LeBron gone, it will be up to Mo to up his scoring and it will be up to Rondo to be sure he doesn't.  Williams is capable of burning the Celtics if they let up on defense.  With one game back and 3 days off, Rondo should be good to go with no lingering effects from his hamstring injury. 

Shaquille O'Neal vs Anderson Varejao
Varejao plays with a lot of energy and could be a very tough matchup for Shaq.  But Shaq also knows his game from playing against him in practice and that could give Shaq a slight advantage mentally.

Game Notes
The first meeting between these two teams came on the second night of the season.  The Celtics were playing in the second of back to back games, having won an emotional home opener against the Heat the night before.  The Cavs were playing in their home opener and played with a lot of energy and fire while the Celtics came out flat and lacked intensity and focus throughout the game.

This is a much different situation.  The Celtics have been off since Friday and should be well rested.  The Cavs have also had a good rest, playing last on Saturday.  This game is once again in Cleveland, but the emotional boost of the home opener and seeing the Heat fall in their season opener have worn off.  The Celtics have won their last 3 games while the Cavs won beat the Grizzlies in their last game but are just 4-6 in their last 10 games. 

Keys to the Game
Focus - The Celtics have shown that when they come out focused and keep their intensity throughout the game, they win.  Their losses have come when they lack focus and play without intensity.

Rebound -  Rebounding is mostly desire and effort.   When the Celtics put out the effort to out-rebound their opponents, they usually get the win.  They have to make the effort to grab the rebounds to keep the Cavs from getting second chance points. 

Defense -  Defense is the key to every game.  The Celtics won banner 17 with defense and if they want to win banner 18 they must once again do it with defense.  They have played that kind of defense in spurts this season but must get back to making defense a priority. 

Bench Play - The Celtics bench has been underachieving and in games like this where they are playing again the next night, the bench must come through with some good minutes in order to allow the starters some rest and not give the Cavs an advantage when the starters are resting. 

The Cavs beat the Celtics once already this season.    The Celtics' will be looking to avenge that loss and not allow the Cavs to win or tie the series between them. 

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Im expecting a blowout.

C's will have had a ridiculous amount of rest coming into this game, plus the revenge factor.

20+ blowout win for the C's. Starters dont play a single minute in the 4th.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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TP. Go Celtics!

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Thanks for the thread again. Tp for you.

I HOPE the celtics bury the cavs early...there have far too few blow outs this season.

Go celtics.
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Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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I'm also expecting a blowout. The whole town of Cleveland will have their eyes on Thursday, and Boston will have the memory of one of their worst losses in their minds. Boston will come to play, Cleveland will not be focused.

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Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Tp for the nice game thread. Go celtics beat the cavs by 20 or more

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Cleveland won't get lucky twice against Boston ... especially not with Mo Williams back in the starting lineup.

This is going to be a comfortable win for Boston.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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I will be there tonight with my 2 sons. Can't wait to watch the beatdown in person
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Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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This is the real test for Rondo's health and sharpness. He should be able to abuse Mo Williams once again.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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If the C's bring the focus and intensity they brought in last Monday's(Hawks)game it shouldn't be any problem.Don't give the Cavs a chance to breathe any life.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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I hope this is somewhat an easy win for us.  Bradley really needs to see some extended minutes in games like this.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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I was actually in Cleveland Wednesday through Saturday, people are definitely getting excited for it but atleast during my stay, the average person didn't seem as excited for The Lebron Game as I expected. I'm sure the start of the week will hype this up and continue through Thursday, but I say the Cavs don't lose this game b/c they nor their fanbase is looking too forward to Thursday.

That being said, they will lose this game.

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the drive all the way up to Cleveland to catch the Celtics play the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans again, though I will be sure not to miss it. Here's hoping the Celtics can defeat the Cavaliers this time around.

Win or loss, the Cavaliers have proven that though they may not be the best team in the NBA right now in terms of season records the Cavs right now are a team that is still a major threat to make it into the playoffs. If we are remain the top seed for the rest of the regular season we may face them in the first round.

The last time I was in Cleveland I was their to catch their season-opener against the Celtics, and was hoping to be able to get some tickets to the Miami Heat game on Thursday seeing as the first balcony seats at Quicken Loans Arena are relatively inexpensive, however I still don't have a car so I doubt I'd be able to make to trip to see the Heat play the Cavs.

Either way, I'm rooting against the Cavaliers in both games so I doubt Cleveland fans would be too pleased with me if I never made the trip to Cleveland in order to actually root for their team. Living in Cincinnati might also force me to become sort of a Pacer's fan as well, but well see if I can catch a few games at Conseco Fieldhouse this season...
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Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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Dick Bavetta is officiating tonight.  Get ready to be frustrated as he keeps the game close throughout.

I hope the Celtics don't think that the Cavs will be focused on Thursday and come out expecting to win without the effort.   I'm hoping the loss to this team because of their lack of focus and underestimating them in their first meeting will be very fresh in their minds.  The can't take any teams for granted. 

Re: Celtics (12-4) at Cavaliers (7-9) 11/30
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No excuses tonight. Win