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Lebron and Team USA
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What do you guys think of this? I think it's kinda arrogant and childish in an Iverson "i don't need to practice" sort of way. I mean there are rules and policies in order, and if you can't stick to them then be prepared to suffer the consequences right?

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I will be the first person to rag on LeBron, but I can understand his feelings here. He's about to make the biggest professional choice of his life, and he will likely be playing deep into the summer becaue of the playoffs. Sometimes a body needs a rest, right?

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Re: Lebron and Team USA
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Good points IP, maybe I'm just too biased against Lebron now haha. It would be interesting to see what Colangelo does though...if he would have the guts to keep Lebron (and Wade for that matter) out of the 2012 team.
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Re: Lebron and Team USA
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Personally I really hate the 3 year commitment, I think it's asking too much from the players, and LeBron has already put in A LOT of time for Team USA. 

The thing is LeBron shouldn't get mad, what did Colangelo really say, basically players who skip this year might not play in London?  C'mon now, we all know there is no way he's keeping LeBron off the 2012 team.  Colangelo was just saying the political thing to make it look like nobody will get special treatment, but we all know LeBron will still play in the Olympics regardless. 

I really dislike Colangelo, I hate how he's been pretty much anointed the savior of USA basketball (when IMO he hasn't done anything).  This is one time I'm cheering for LeBron.  Just keep quiet, call his bluff, and make him look like a tool when you play in the Olympics anyway.

The weird thing is LeBron's quote:
Im not trying to bash Jerry because hes a good guy and I really respect him. But if he came out and said that, I dont respect that because of the commitment weve given to the United States with a three-year commitment off the bat. We didnt second-guess it at all. So if we are jeopardizing the opportunity to be on the team in London, I mean, what can we do? What can we do?

Hey LeBron, just giving a three-year commitment doesn't mean anything.  You actually have to follow through on it.

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