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Re: Taking family to Celtics game
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do what this guys say
they know.
i just been rhere two weeks ago and I highly recommended the coast walk ( if you have enought time )north end, to the aquarium
 say 4 hours
the doors open just minutes before gametime but you can spend time on the common area of north station
If you see the big clover in the wall thats a good shortcut to beachside ( under the bridge walk) crossing the hockey field.
I did my own walking

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Nice to be back!

Re: Taking family to Celtics game
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Ok... so far I'm thinking of just winging-it as far as what to do before the game. Assuming no rain, there should be plenty to do around the area - Faneuil hall most likely. will pay Red a visit  ;D

thanks bballdog384 on that recommendation. It sounds like the least painful. I will look into this further.

heading out to get new Celtics gear for the fam this weekend... woot!

thanks everyone for your great suggestions so far. keep them comming :)


Re: Taking family to Celtics game
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Since you were thinking about commuter rail from Lawrence, I'll assume that you have good access to I93.  If so, I would suggest taking I93 to Rte 16 in Medford.  From there, you are less than 5 minutes to Wellington Station on the T Orange line.  Its 3 stops to North Station and the Garden, 4 stops to Haymarket and the North End.  Fare is purchased at a vending machine using cash or credit/debit.  It's a good idea to buy your round trip on the way in, because there can be quite a line at the fare machines after the game.

Once you get there, bear in mind that the gates don't open until an hour prior to game time. In addition to the local stuff others have already noted, there is a very large shop at the North Station level with plenty of Celtics and Bruins stuff for sale.  Don't buy more than you can carry in a small bag.  No backpacks, packages etc allowed in the Garden. Also, once you get in to the Garden upstairs, they have more shops, plus displays of the original parquet and some other stuff.  They frequently have a table where they hand out green and white balloons for the kids, and you may see Lucky signing autographs and visiting with the kids.

The balcony is a lot of fun.  Lots of serious fans and characters to watch.  And your kids may learn a few new words.

Don't be surprised if the long day and excitement takes a toll on the kids.  It was never an issue for the Fat Kid, who always stays til the bitter end, but some kids get restless/cranky/tired and you might have to make an early exit.  If so, the Orange Line trains run every 10-12 minutes, and you are back at the car at Wellington in no time.

You and your family are in for a great time.  Enjoy!
This is the kind of detailed travel advice that I always want but never seem to get.  TP

I'll add my vote to those who say "Take the T."  I come in from the North Shore, on my visits to the area, and wouldn't think about doing anything else.
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