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Bruins (non) trade deadline
« on: March 03, 2010, 03:18:46 PM »

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What a letdown.  They made a VERY slight upgrade on defense (and gave up a useful forward and second rounder to do it), and completely wiffed up front, where they desperately needed help. 

Unlike the C's, they had the pieces to move.  9 picks in the first two rounds the next two years, and they couldn't get a decent top 9 forward?  Really?

I hope something comes trickling in soon, because otherwise, they have just completely destroyed any remaining good will they had built up over the last two years. 

Re: Bruins (non) trade deadline
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what upsets me is that, after riding a 4 game winning streak into the olympics and after all the attention team usa got over the past couple of weeks, the bruins came out and put up a stinker against a rival last night.

way to recapture that fan base coming out of the break.

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Re: Bruins (non) trade deadline
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My old roommate and one of my other buddies split season tickets for the B's.

They are not happy campers right now. 

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Re: Bruins (non) trade deadline
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  • Yup ya do

and the worst part is the Maple Leafs upgraded in the last flurry of trades